DAV Public School
Runnisaidpur Sitamarhi ,Bihar
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Aims And Objectives  

Our institution aims to Provides holistic education for the all round development of all the children such as Physical, mental, moral and emotional to theirfull potential to make them worthy citizens of their country and of the international community.

To this our objectives are

  • To develop an effective command over language and communication.
  • To imbibe scientific temfer of curiosity, awareness and understanding of everything. 
  • To make them self reliant, self respecting and self confident.
  • To promote creativity, initiative and individuality. 
  • To build disciplined, well mannered and, cultural, tolerant and liberal. co-operatiae and, caring human being.
  • To keep pace with the rapidly advancing world & retain timeless values of honesty, integrity, generosity and respect. 
  • The strength and success of oar institutions lie in the harmonious blend, of science and technology with a sound grounding of ancientVedic Culture. The aims of our school are to inculcate in the stud.ents a thirst  for knowledge, devotion to duty, honesty, patriotic fervor besides humanism. We impart an education "to build" and an education'to serve". 
  • Before the commencement of scheduled learning teaching activities, morning assembly is conducted, in the school assembly ground and students as well as teachers commune with the Almighty God..