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At DAV  Public School Runnisaidpur, the morning begins with the recitation of Ved mantras which is the basis of ARYAN philosophy. Here we are committed to providing young learners a stimulating & purposeful environment conducive to their moral, emotional, intellectual & physical development in such a manner that they blossom into competent, self – reliant, compassionate & responsible individuals. The curriculum of the school has been developed through strategic planning and a pragmatic approach to facilitate an educational experience where high academic standards challenge the students to reach to their fullest. With the rapid changes in the global educational scenario, the teacher-student relation has assumed  a new dimension. So , the rising up to the demands of the time every teacher here is a caring educator and every student an engaged learner. We feel immensely proud to be at the helm of such an educational institution that has established an impeccable image and set benchmark in academic achievements.

Here at DAV Public School, Runnisaidpur most of the students come from remote villages but their rural background is no hindrance in competing with the rest of the developed and urban areas of the country as we believe that all children have a desire to be successful at something and respond positively. We believe in holistic development of the children. They are not only excelling in  academics but they are giving their best performance in art, drama, music and physical education which contribute massively to their self worth.

We envision our students, our proud DAVians, as true ambassadors of the time honoured Aryan values equipped with modern language and ICT skills. As Socrates says, “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think”. If we think, make up our mind and stay decided, success is sure to come. As it is rightly said that the past is a history, the future is a mystery and the present is a present. So we must fully utilize the gift(present) and aim high in life to become the best.it is very important that we know what we want in life. If we do not know what we want, the question of getting it does not arise at all.

We also take care of attitudes, competencies and skills and the focus is placed in making the students determined and perfect individuals with sound character and well groomed personality striving for excellence in all spheres of life.

We are confident for our success and excellence under the motivating guidance of our mentors – Shri Punam Suri(President, DAVCMC), Dr. Nisha Peshin(Director, PSII DAVCMC), Shri R.S.Sharma(Secretary, DAVCMC), Dr. M.C. Sharma(Hony. Treasurer, DAVCMC), Shri S.K. Jha(Dy. Regional Officer, Muzaffarpur Zone) and Mrs. Sabita(Manager, DAV PS RSP).

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DAV Public School, Runnisaidpur
Runnisaidpur, Sitamarhi,
Bihar - 843328
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