DAV Public School
Runnisaidpur Sitamarhi ,Bihar
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DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL, Runnisaidpur established in April 1992 has made mark in the field of education with committed co-operation & coordination among students, teachers and parents. Students of this school are excelling not only in the field of academics but alsoall round development based on  CCE pattern. The objective of the school is to provide value based quality education without any stress on the learners. Since our inception as a school, we have taken very seriously ourwork as worship and have been planning for the best we can provide to the future of the nation. We live in a world of globalization and rapid change. Now more than ever, we need innovative leaders to contribute the social, academic, mental, aesthetic and environmental advancement. Our vision is to continuously adopt and improve the education system which can be easily accessible to those living in remote areas who can't afford to get the world class education which we are imparting.In the teaching learning activities, we prefer two way learning process with the students, to help students understand changes to our environment and have to deal with them accordingly. Our "Cleanliness Campaign 2014"is an example which enables them to be responsible citizen of the world.

Dr. Poonam Sharma